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Drunk As Usual

We'll Name it When We're Sober CD review.

Holy rock metal!! DAU is a rocking good time mixture of 80 s metal. They are so good at it I was shredding the air guitar through most of the CD. There is an attempt to make it enjoyed by a newer generation as well. I know that people who listened to metal 10 and 15 years ago will appreciate Drunk As Usual, but I hope the young kids who look at this music as nostalgia, will wake up and rock. Any metal head would not be able to resist rocking out with this band. Excellent musicianship and the music is composed very well. The melodic songs are true to the metal ballad tradition. I hate to call them butt rock because it is so much better than that. It seems to be from the same era of music, when everyone was into Guns N Roses and even Poison. I am glad to visit there again without the unfortunates of make up and spandex. Great front man in this band that holds the energy needed to make Drunk As Usual an all around great experience.


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Drunk As Usual

We'll Name it When We're Sober

cd review.

Style Hard Rock/metal/brainless party rock.


Sounds like All the good things about buttrock put in one place for your enjoyment.


Recomended if you always thought Motley Crue would be better if they didn't take themselves so seriously. See the band live first and it will all make better sense.


Other Thoughts This band has one of the best schichts I have seen in a long time. There is not one single serious lyric on the whole album (except the somewhat depressing ballad of a drunk that has hit bottom known simply as 'Wisdom). No messages they want to enlighten you with. No army's on horseback weilding mighty swords ready to thwart their foe. This is music about drinking, for drinking, & made by people that are probably drinking right now as you read this! This band wears the tag of "Drunk losers" with pride and I support their cause with every sip.

Article from The Seattle Weekly

Seattle Metal Online Celebrates Its Anniversary With A Bang!

By Mark Driver for the Seattle Weekly

 "MY NAME is Terry, and we're Drunk as Usual."

The feeling is that of an AA meeting, except for the fact that everyone's got a beer in hand, Drunk as Usual is a metal band, and the only 12-step programs on the agenda are the 12 steps it takes to make it to the bathroom at Planet Hot Rod, the club in Fife where these cretins gather the first Sunday of every month to talk shop and play music.

The meeting is an organizational one for Seattle Metal Online, a Web site for Puget Sound metal bands started by Carrie Schuman and Joe Jauregui in August of 2000. "When we had the idea for it," Carrie says, "we couldn't believe that the name was still available. We registered right away, and we were off." What started with a mere two acts now features 147 area metal bands from Bellingham to Olympia.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Seattle Metal Online is throwing a shitstorm of a party at their favorite meeting place. Fifteen metal bands-- Symptom, Drunk as Usual, Church of Hate, Agony of Deceit, Hatefist, SBI, Fury 161, Drawn Quartered, Myiasis, Barbie Car, The Braindead, Cripple, Seatown Manglers, Aggression Core, and Suffergauge--make up the bill. The event also features a barbecue, a beer garden, body mutilation stations, a used gear swap meet, and plenty of booths stocked by the bands in attendance. "It'll start at noon and go on until 1 a.m. or so," says Carrie. "It's going to be a blast."

When co-founder Jauregui talks about Seattle Metal Online, it's clear the site was founded with mainly local pride in mind. "What we provide," he says, "is a community for bands and fans who didn't previously know about each other. We can swap gear, show up at each other's gigs, find bands to fill-in for last minute cancellations, and throw great parties. We've even planned camping trips over it. You don't get an idea of how big Seattle's metal scene is until you start adding up all the parts. It's huge, and we're hoping Seattle Metal Online will help put it on the map."

"The only thing we've gotten financially from this site is a pair of tickets to the Pantera show," says Schuman, "so unless you consider $24 a big sellout, it's pretty obvious what we're about. We're letting people know that there's more to Seattle rock than some scene that was happening 10 years ago. There's great stuff happening now, and people need to sit up and take notice of it."

"Aside from a resource for Seattle metal bands and metal fans," adds Jauregui, who also plays guitar for Fury 161 and Aggression Core, "we also want to show clubs and labels that the Seattle metal scene is a viable thing--that there's tons of support for this type of music in the region, that if you book SMO bands to play your club, there's going to be a bunch of people who show up, buy merch, and spend serious amounts of money on beer. You should see how much beer gets drunk at the SMO meetings alone. If these people are motivated by business, they should be paying more attention to metal."

It's true that, flipping through Seattle's weekly listings, one would think that Seattle has few to no metal bands. Jauregui says, "It's the people who make the decisions that are turned off by it. Radio programmers, video programmers, label heads, music critics, all those people hear that heavy guitar and instantly tune it out. But the people who go to shows and buy records, they fucking love it. When they hear it, there's a power and an aggression that they get; it speaks to them. Not enough people are exposed to it. This city is full of people who love metal and don't even know it."

As far as the future of SMO goes, Carrie says they plan to release a compilation CD soon, maybe in time for the Aug. 25 show. They hope to start selling band merchandise online and may take on sponsors. "We just want to keep getting bigger and bigger. And we're sure we will. If it continues to expand at the rate it's going, SMO is gonna explode."

Article from The Tacoma Weekly


By John Larson for the Tacoma Weekly

Drunk As Usual is a classic American hard rock band. They play loud. They have fun. Their music doesn't push a political agenda or seek the meaning of life. They have a blue-collar mentality that fits a band from Tacoma. The band consists of Darin on guitar, John on bass, Kraig on drums and Terry on vocals.

The group was formed in March 1999. For Darin, this is his first band. John had played guitar for Mad Cap, while Kraig was in Mojo Hand. Terry formerly sang for Poverty's Child, one of Tacoma's most popular bands in the mid-90's.

Darin and the original singer came up with the band's name one day while jamming and drinking beer. It was a bit of a joke, but the moniker stuck. "It's not just a name, it's a way of life," Kraig said.

Terry joined the band last year after the original singer left. "The first practice we had together we clicked off the bat," he recalled.

Drunk As Usual could be classified as heavy-metal, although there are elements of punk rock in the mix. They occasionally play a cover tune, ranging from "Accept's Balls" to the "Wall" to "Twist and Shout" by the Beattles. They are versatile enough to play on a punk bill or a metal bill.

The band has developed a loyal following playing local clubs. Terry is an ideal front man. He has a strong voice and entertain-ing stage antics. The other members are all strong musicians who mesh well together. The band rocks hard and their songwriting is certainly a cut above many of their peers.

The band's sense of humor comes trough on its Web site, They utilize the Internet as much as possible. They were the most requested band on for seven weeks in a row. Earlier this year they played a party, which was broadcast live over the Internet. Over 700 people logged on to watch. "We're sure it will be more than that next time," Darin said.

The band has recorded an album called We'll Name It When We're Sober. It is already attracting some attention. "We've had some sparks of interest from labels." Terry said.

The band will have a CD release party at Planet Hot Rod in Milton on Saturday, Aug. 4. Also celebrating a CD release is Weight of the World. Rounding out the bill is Ex-Con from Las Vegas. They play 48th Street Pub on Aug. 11 with the Swinos, Planet Hot Rod on Aug 23 when they open for Faster Pussycat and return on Aug 25 to play an all-ages anniversary party for Seattle Metal Online.

Article from The TacomaReporter


By Matt Driscoll TacomaReporter

What do you get when you mix large amounts of alcohol, a love for half-naked women and an overall desire to have a good time? If you said the makings of an awesome girls-gone-wild video your right, but it just so happens it's also the formula for Tacoma's own Drunk As Usual.

A four piece, self described mix of punk rock, metal and Rainier Beer, Drunk As Usual will play Planet Hot Rod in Fife on Saturday August 4 as part of a double CD release party with Weight of the World. A designated driver is recommended as the boys in Drunk As Usual rarely leave the crowd in anything less than a drunken frenzy.

Lead singer Terry Mriglot said that the band's number one goal has always been having fun.

"We've all been in bands in the past that have been really stressful. Drunk As Usual is a totally stress-free situation," said Mriglot.

"We've had some major label interest, but that's not really our main concern. It's all about having fun."

With two and a half years as a band under their belt and all ready having survived a change of lead singers that saw Mriglot assume the position a year ago, the band will release their second CD Saturday at Hot Rod. Coming a year after their first release, a live CD recorded at the Mothership, Drunk As Usual's first studio recording continues to illustrate the bands extreme diversity and many influences.

"We're not strictly metal, and we're not strictly punk." Explained Mriglot.

"It's cool because our diversity allows us to play with a lot of different bands. We've done shows with Church of Hate and Suffergauge but we've also played with bands like Sea Jayne Trip."

Drunk As Usual bill itself as a good time, and the band is good at what it does. Not only will you get a free copy of their brand spanking new CD just for showing up at the Hot Rod Saturday, but you'll probably wake up with a substantial hangover to boot. Well worth the headache, Drunks As Usual's CD release party will surely be just that - a party.

Drunk As Usual play with The Weight of the World and Excon Saturday August 4 at Planet Hot Rod in Fife. - Matt Driscoll TR

Article from TCC's The CHALLENGE

Get Drunk As Usual

For Tacoma-based band, it's not just a name, it's a mantra

Ellen Ross

Challenger Staff

Tacoma based band Drunk as Usual (DAU) could be the gateway drug to local Heavy Metal. They are the number one band for the third week on Seattle based and are on the verge of releasing their debut album 'We'll name it When We're Sober.'

Before their April 18 gig at the 6th and Proctor Bar and Grill, lead singer Terry Mriglot spoke briefly about being a band in the City of Destiny. "Tacoma is to Seattle as new Jersey is to New York," he said of living in the shadow of a cultural icon. According to Terry, musicians in Tacoma act like family, rather than competitors, and help each other get ahead.

DAU's music skillfully switches gears in each song, ranging from fast Metallica like rhythms to hard steady groves not unlike early 90's grunge. A pinch of 80's glam-rock, and you've got a sound that is completely accessible to fans of different genres. the guitar work of Darin DD DeSaint is particularly vibrant.

Onstage, DAU possess the energy of 15 year-olds who discovered metal under a rock the day before. Terry tends to spastically jump around the stage alá Axl Rose. In the midst of this energy, the others wield their instruments with a certain seasoned maturity.

To go along with the solid music and energetic stage offerings, however, DAU has built a shaky image that could potentially limit their audience. DAU is very vocal about drinking as a favorite pass time, and their website,, is a shrine to some racy drunken exploits.

"This socially irrelevant bunch of working class stiffs," reads the website, "has as much direction in life as the logging train of Camp 6, At Point DefiancePark....and we like it that way! You will find no hidden philosophical words of wisdom contained within. Nothing to promote. No sword of valor to unsheathe. No political agenda at hand. Not a single mention of Satan, God, or George Bush. It's all about having fun with it!"

But the message of good times tends to get lost in the liquor soaked cleavage. In this dark web world, fantasy women pop from nowhere to flash the viewer, pass out on a city sidewalk, or shirtlessly guzzle from a particularly thick necked bottle of scotch. Nowhere are there pictures of DAU doing such things. In fact, Terry is proud to be three years sober.

In the end, it's difficult to reconcile the songs with the hype, but what the hell. While DAU might not be a diamond in the rough, it's some damn fine sounding cubic zirconium.

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